Next Conference

Conferences are at the heart of our Fellowship and always a highlight - a conference where you can genuinely 'confer', where deep theology and deep fellowship go hand in hand.

FWS Annual Conference 18th-20th February 2019
(at Swanwick conference Centre)

with Rev Tim Ward (from Oak Hill College) and others

LIVE THE WORD: Renewing our Theology of Scripture
Foundational to evangelical faith is the truth and trustworthiness of God's Word, which commands our obedience, engages our hearts and transforms our lives as the Spirit applies it to us. 

Yet foundational to the current disputes about doctrine and ethics within the Church is a direct challenge to that reformed conviction. Many who call themselves 'evangelical' are wrestling with the extent to which Scripture's counter-cultural message is to be obeyed in the modern world and church. 

With thoughtful and applied theological inpit, and plenty of tiem for conferring and working through a faithful response, this is a conference where you come away stimulated, refreshed and changed! Book the date and join us!

To download the brochure and booking form, please see the Church Society website here.