Our last FWS Annual Conference 3rd-5th February 2014

with Lee Gatiss & Rob Munro

IMAGO DEI - the image of God and human relationships

As God's image bearers human beings are bestowed with dignity and value that transcends secular categories. Yet that link with God's image has been subjected to re-interpretation, revision, or worse, neglect, in the surge to redefine the parameters of human relationships.

We go back to the beauty of God's being - the Holy Trinity - and how he relates to humanity in creation, the fall and the story of redemption. We aim to apply this to the challenges we face about human sexuality, marriage, church leadership and gender.

Our distinctive, in our conferences, is that we actually confer - there is plenty of opportunity and time for interaction, discussion and specific application of our themes, in the supportive fellowship of our shared commitment to Scripture, with a reformed theological vision of its application to all life. It's the conference people come back to!

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