Trustees and Council

FWS is to merge with Church Society

The new organisational arrangements from Summer 2018 will be that the FWS Trustees will serve as effectively a Sub-Committee of the Church Society Council, with responsiblity for the FWS conference. As part of the merger, the existing Trustees and Council will also merge to become one body for that purpose. 

Who are We Now?

FWS trustees are chaired by the Rev Jim Rushton, with Secretary Paul Darlington, and President Rt Rev Wallace Benn; with other members: Rev Simon Cox, Rev James Hughes, Rev Colin Randall, Rev Michael Walters, Rev Clare Hendry, Rev Simon Vibert,  Rev Dr Rob Munro.

FWS Council consists of:
Rob Munro, Rector of St Mary's Cheadle (Chair, Trustee),
James Hughes, Vicar of St Alkmund's Duffield (Secretary, Trustee),
George Crowder, Vicar of St John's Over (Minutes secretary),
David Walker, Vicar of Christ Church North Finchley
Jim Rushton (Trustee)
Clare Hendry, assoc. minister at Grace Church Muswell Hill (Trustee)
Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society,
Jason Ward, Vicar of St Mary's Chadderston (also on CS council)
Aled Seago, Chester diocese ordinand at Oak Hill College (also on CS council)