Fellowship of Word & Spirit


The Fellowship of Word and Spirit is a forum, now focussed mainly on a conference and following publications, for like-minded evangelicals to encourage one another in biblical ministry. We stand firm in the Reformed Faith and seek to engage wholeheartedly with the contemporary world. Our publications and conferences intend a balance between theological rigour and pastoral sensitivity. We aim to foster dialogue and promote a gracious exchange of ideas under the authority of God’s Word.


After much prayer and consultation the FWS Trustees and Council during 2019 have re-established a formal relationship with Church Society, as part of a vision to unite all those who hold a more conservative and reformed theology together, which was also done with Reform. We have had a positive relationship for many years with Church Society, sharing advertising of our conference. Under the renewed body, the FWS conference itself (and any ensuing publications) remain under the oversight of the FWS Trustees, who will retain its distinct ethos and style, while formally coming under the Church Society organisation. You can read a fuller explanation of the Trustees and Council's decision HERE.

Keep In Touch for conferences!

Church Society members will be kept fully informed about the future FWS conferences and ensuing publications. The conference will remain welcoming of all concerned to wrestle with refomed theology in fellowship in Christ. So if you are not a member of Church Society, and would like to keep informed of future conferences, please register by clicking HERE

This years conference details fopr 2020 can be found here http://churchsociety.org/blog/entry/preaching_to_the_heart